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When the Sky is Falling…Make Blood Orange Margaritas!

Isn’t she lovely?!

I’ve had this recipe for so long it’s not true…and also, I have no inkling of the original source. Apologies to the brilliant individual who came up with it! And if that individual is you, please reach out so I can give you proper credit!! 🙌🏻

Ingredients (for 1 serving — though can be multiplied easily for a crowd!)
½ c tequila (yes, you read that right!!)
4 T freshly squeezed juice (I typically start with 4 lemons, 2 limes and half an orange, then add more in increments until I have enough)
2 T honey

Pour the tequila into a measuring cup (I’m usually making a batch of 2-6 of these at a time, so start with a cup size that’s large enough to handle the final liquid amount) and measure honey into the measuring cup to let it get comfortable with the booze. I give it a stir at this point and then turn my attention to the juice — squeeze those lovely little citruses and stir them all together. Going back to the boozy part, stir the honey in with vigor (but no spilling!!) until it’s a nice, golden mixture. Measure the juice in, give it another stir, then pour into a glass and top with a fair bit of ice. And sip away!!

The Prettiest Drinky Drink

Hello, gorgeous!

I am a HUGE fan of simple, delicious, amazing cocktails. By which I mean to say, how few ingredients can we get away with and still fill our cups with an elixir that even the Gods couldn’t resist?

How about you? If you’re in that club, have I got a recipe for you! I found it when I was casting about for a cocktail to serve with Sausage Cheddar Balls (not even kidding) before a dinner of barbecue ribs and slaw with my Fella and our friend Denise Minard (yes, it was scrumptious… yes, she will vouch for that… and yes, I will post about it in future so you can give it a whirl!).

I found this recipe on the Mix That Drink website, and it seemed to fit all the usual requirements. Plus, it’s gin based (which they love and I don’t, really, but a good hostess must make the occasional concession!) AND, really the best part of all, I could use the transformational Empress Gin to make it drop dead gorgeous. Full stop on that — if you haven’t experienced the most beautiful gin on the planet, go out and get thee a bottle right now and mix it with anything acidic and prepare your jaw for dropping. It’s made with butterfly pea blossom, so changes color as acid is added…and if you layer the ingredients properly, there’s more than one color change! Try this: gin + limoncello = green + lemon juice = pink. YAY!

At any rate, it was a smash hit and summery and lovely and so I thought I’d share it here with you. You can find the recipe on my Pinterest quaffs board and I’ve even designed a little pdf you can download if you’d like something pretty to show your guests when you make it…. because you will.


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