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A Lovely Logo

So pretty!

I am fortunate to be surrounded by lots of ‘pretty’…after all, making the world a prettier place to be is what I do for a living! Every so often I work on a project that comes out so well and makes me feel so good that it’s hard to resist posting about it. So, the short and the sweet of it is that Treveri Cellars is one of the best wineries in Washington state — it’s a family operation making the most delish sparkling wine in the traditional method (you read that right: ALL SPARKLING ALL THE TIME!!). They just happen to be a client at my day job…a favorite client, if the truth be told, and yes we do ‘drink their koolaid’ as much as we possibly can.

Together, we worked on creating a special logo and label (based on the Grieb family crest) for their Reserve Club which focuses on Extended Tirage sparkling wines (if you want to read up on such things, Wine Folly has a great primer on such things here!). To see more great stuff from our work together, you can surf on over and read about a few projects here here and here. OR, if you’re feeling footloose fancy, free and like a road trip would do you a world of good, skeddadle to their winery in Wapato, grab a bottle of bubs and sit out on their patio and enjoy the view…and the wine, of course!

Cheers, dears!!

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